How to give up smoking while home in isolation

Travelling is no longer possible for any of us. Our online hypnotherapy program via Zoom or Skype is a great opportunity to use “at home” time to give-up smoking for good. On line Hypnotherapy programs have proven to be just as effective as in person sessions. In fact many of my local clients prefer them. I have been using online for years!

give up smoking at home

Why on-line? Benefits and rewards.

• Just as effective as in person.
• Saves travel time.
• You feel comfortable and safe in your own home.
• You choose the setting, bedroom or lounge.
• You feel very relaxed, so your unconscious mind absorbs the suggestions effectively.
• Total confidentially.

Your Quit smoking hypnotherapy program is available to you now at the click of a button with Kerry Barnard Amor. Clinical Hypnotherapist.
Leaving this old habit in the past is central to your well-being. Hypnotherapy enables you to do this.
How does this hypnotherapy program work online?

Hypnosis is a natural strategy. Everyone can be hypnotized. We do it to ourselves every day without even noticing. I don’t need to be in the room with you. This is a common misconception.
As long as you can see and hear me. It’s quiet and you won’t be disturbed. The room is comfortable. You can sit or lie down in comfort. A good internet connection with Zoom or Skype is all you need. Then you will experience exactly the same benefits and rewards as you would with an in-person session.
Remember a happier healthier non-smoker life is just a click away. Call now to discover more and kick that old habit out the door and kick start your new life.