Quitting smoking while self-isolating at home

It’s all about you! (Seriously it is.)
Experiencing Cabin fever?

Today, we are in unchartered waters. Scary times for many. Stuck at home, boredom, dysfunctional behaviours and cabin fever are taking hold. Anxiety and stress levels rising faster than Covid-19 cases. For example- smokers are smoking more than ever. With virtual hypnosis, you can quit smoking from the comfort of your lounge chair at home while stuck in
What can you do about it? Smoker’s money is going up in smoke, literally. Everyone is looking to save money as many have lost jobs. Those that are working, are working from home, often under trying circumstances, ask any parent with young children!

Quit smoking at home under self-isolation

Where others see obstacles, you can see an opportunity.

A great opportunity to quit smoking for good. For your own health and happiness and for those around you. Think of all the benefits and rewards.
You are taking charge, taking responsibility for your life, your body, your health and happiness. Moving forward to a healthy future. Where others see doom and gloom. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s a bright light. It really is that simple.
If you can be bothered to think about it, focus on the wonderful improvements. How you feel so much better in all ways. How good it is to wake up in the mornings. Breathing fresh clean air into strong clean healthy lungs. Detoxing, allowing your body to rebuild and repair itself. Having plenty of energy.

Feeling fresh, looking into the mirror, seeing your skin fresh, young, healthy and full of energy. How good it is to feel high energy flowing through mind and body. How good it is to enjoy the advantages. What a great role model you are for those around you. How happy those people are who mean so much to you.

Noticing that high energy. The thousands of dollars that you are saving every year. The worthwhile rewarding things that you can buy with that extra money. How great it is to enjoy that freedom. How great it is to have that energy freed up inside you. To have your independence back. To know that you are going to live so much longer and enjoy excellent long-term health too. Another great improvement is the sheer sense of well-being that you enjoy day to day. How good it is to take life in your stride. Enjoy a clear mind.

As if that’s not enough the government are now handing out an extra $550 a fortnight to everyone on benefits. You could make a double saving. Money that was going up in smoke is in your pocket and you get the $550 as well. Or if your objection is “I can’t afford it” you take the $550 a fortnight and invest that in your quit smoking program.

Solutions not Bandaids.

You can become a happy healthy non-smoker easily and effectively from the comfort of your own home. By working with me and our quit smoking hypnotherapy program. The session is about 90 minutes, with 2 maintenance sessions over the next 6 months. If you have an open mind, want to leave that old habit in the past, start to picture what your life will be like.
Because what you picture is what you go towards.

It’s a do with program not at do to program. Like learning how to drive a car. If you don’t want to learn you won’t learn if you do and follow the instructions you will.

“What’s your success rate?” This is the most asked question after how much. I say how do you measure success? Yes you walk out the door as a non-smoker with the mindset to stay smoke free. And with the consolidation sessions over 6 months you stay smoke free. Most of my clients come to me from word of mouth referrals from past clients. And you can read the case studies from clients on my website and the Google Business Reviews.

How to quit smoking while self-isolating.

This program isn’t for everyone. It’s not a “lay back and do it to me approach”. But it’s unique, unlike anything else you will have tried. Very different from any other hypnosis you may have experienced in the past. It works for those that follow the strategies changing mindset at the deep unconscious level. Based on neuroscience and hypnosis. It’s a winner. It’s your choice.
If you want to know more give me a call or we can zoom.
Talk soon. Enjoy your day.