Cigarette packaging ineffective in getting Australians to quit smoking

If you smoke, know someone who does or have ever smoked in the past you need to read this! A recent Australian study conducted by the Cancer Council Victoria shows a significant number of Australians remain unaware of the full range of health impacts smoking causes.

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The government has finally owned up to the fact that disturbing pictures and health warnings on cigarette packets do nothing to deter smokers from smoking. They know ‘educating’ smokers doesn’t work.

The government still promotes their strategy to fix anything and everything – increasing the price! After a decade of this double-pronged ‘strategy’, the decline in smoking rates in Australia has stalled.

Why? This news will be no surprise to any of you who have seen me in the past for hypnosis to quit smoking and other issues.

You may remember how I explained the importance of picturing in your mind and talking about what you want in positive terms, not negative!

Why? Because what you think about, picture and talk about is what you go towards. Good or bad. It’s like setting the GPS in your car. You put in where you want to go – not where you don’t want to go!

And as much as we like to think we are rational beings, we are not most of the time. If that were the case no-one would choose to spend their hard-earned money on getting an artificial high and poisoning themselves, wreaking havoc day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

Why has it taken so long for the government to act? Because of the vast revenue generated from tobacco products. How much?

In 2013/14 AUD $8.5 billion and growing. That’s 18% of total revenue collected.¹

In 2014 the number of cigarettes sold in Australia numbered approximately 18 billion sticks.²

Annual deaths from tobacco-related diseases are greater than from alcohol and illicit drugs combined.³

Adam Crighton, Economics Editor at The Age, writes that the number of smokers in Australia has risen for the first time in a generation, increasing by more than 21 000 to 2.4 million. According to Colin Mendelsohn, an expert in public health at the University of New South Wales, the government’s “punitive and coercive” smoking policies and taxes are not deterring people from smoking.

Smoking rates in California are lower than they are in Australia, despite cigarettes being a quarter of the price. When you look at the countries most culturally akin to Australia, like Canada, New Zealand and the UK, you find that their cigarette taxes are far lower, but Australia’s percentage of daily smokers is almost identical – if not higher.

Remember those old grim reaper ads? They were supposed to scare you into quitting. But guess what – it didn’t work. No surprise there when you understand how your unconscious mind works!

In fact, some research showed the ad was the trigger to go have a smoke. So rather than deterring people, these ads delivered more money to tobacco companies and government pockets. When you contribute that much to a country’s revenue, you can exerts some influence over government policy.

People don’t smoke because they can afford it – they smoke because they don’t want to stop.

If you do want to stop, hypnosis to quit smoking helps you focus on the benefits of a happier, healthier life that you choose with a clear, open mind.

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