Stop binge eating through hypnotherapy

Over the last few decades, binge eating has become a common problem in many affluent societies around the world. Binge eating is different from having a little too much food at mealtimes. There’s a distinct, compulsive state of mind you go into when you binge.

Where you fixate on the food and the consequences don’t matter. Most binge eaters describe binging as like being in a zoned out, trance like state where they hardly notice what they are eating, far less enjoy it, followed by a strong feeling of guilt and regret when they’re done.

Many people know hours in advance that they’re going to binge. Also binging is usually done in secret, kept hidden from others. So what’s going on here? Why do you binge? Well, first of all, binge eating induces a distinct ‘altered state of consciousness’, just like any compulsive habit. Binging can establish a negative cycle, (habit) of anticipating the binging, going into the trance-like binging state, gorging yourself, feeling guilty afterwards and after a while wanting to escape those guilty feelings with another binge!!can be a way of temporarily escaping those unpleasant thoughts and feelings, in a very unhealthy, destructive way and ultimately leaves you feeling worse.

Also consuming toxic, processed, sugar which poisons every cell in your body de-stabilises you blood sugar levels and make you far more prone to binging. So there are many aspects of the ‘fuel in the tank’, we want to address. Detoxing your body of the sweet poison and allowing it to rebuild and repair itself. And ways you can manage your stress levels by regaining control of your thoughts, actions and life!

Now, you already know that ultimately binging doesn’t actually make you feel any better, because if you think of the guilt, the secretiveness and the shame you have to carry around with you all the time about the binging, it’s a really bad trade.

Those few brief moments of pleasure each binge might give you are far outweighed by the negative impact on your health and peace of mind. But knowing the truth of this doesn’t by itself instantly change things.

Which is why our program of hypnotic sessions, will powerfully retrain your conscious and unconscious minds. Enabling you to transform that old binging habit that was holding you back. So that you’re free from being pushed around and controlled by it any anymore. From now on you are in control and freeto unleash your true potential.