Hypnosis to quit smoking will change your mind

Research suggests more than 90 percent of smokers want to quit the habit and the clients we see for hypnosis to quit smoking certainly want to stop. They want to stop for their physical and financial wellbeing but say no matter how hard they try, they just can’t break the smoking habit.

And why can’t they stop? They can’t stop because smoking is much more than just a physical addiction to the drug nicotine. It’s also a habit with complex psychological triggers and therefore needs an approach that addresses the habitual element and psychological prompts as well as the physical addiction.

As a member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association, Barnard Mind Solution and its colleagues have helped thousands of smokers through hypnosis to quit smoking, tackling the habitual and psychological factors behind the need to smoke and helping the client cope with any physical withdrawal that might occur.

Barnard Mind Solution’s hypnosis places clients in a hyper-relaxed state while leaving their mind open and focused and their subconscious in a state where it is receptive and suggestible and willing to accept proposals that can assist with breaking habits and the realignment of the psychological configuration that prompts smoking.

The AHA has reported that a scientific study into ways to break the habit of smoking showed hypnosis was the most effective method. Hypnotherapy uses the subjects’ own mind to create permanent change at a subconscious level where, for example, the habit to smoke with a drink or the need to light up when stressed reside.

Barnard Mind Solution’s hypnosis to stop smoking literally changes your mind about smoking and the desire to smoke. Our hypnosis tackles the habitual and psychological elements of smoking and also addresses the physical dependency.

You know you want to quit smoking but don’t try to do it alone. Barnard Mind Solution, a member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association, has the therapies and techniques to guide you through the process. Start the road to renewed health and financial reward by contacting Barnard Mind Solution today.