Supporting push to quit smoking in Bendigo public places

Barnard Mind Solution is right behind city leaders and community champions pushing to help Bendigo quit smoking and make public events smoke-free following outrage about smokers at this year’s Easter festival.

It’s no secret Bendigo has a smoking problem, with statistics showing that 13 percent of residents light up, and it’s imperative for community health we all do what we can to help Bendigo quit smoking, particularly at public events where everybody suffers cigarette smoke’s deadly effects.

For anybody not in the know, Bendigo City councillor Yvonne Wrigglesworth was concerned about the number of people smoking along the route of Bendigo’s annual Easter parade this year and worried for those exposed to passive smoking, particularly children.

Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services president Abhishek Awasthi also voiced his concerns, saying he was disgusted and appalled about smoking during the parade.

Both Cr Wrigglesworth and Mr Awasthi made headlines for speaking up against smoking in public and plenty of people, including Barnard Mind Solution, have supported their stand.

The good news is that Bendigo City Council is going to look later this year at where people are allowed to smoke, and bans on smoking in outdoor dining areas and within 10 metres of where food is served at events will take effect from August 1.

However, it’ll take a brave council to enact local laws against smoking in general at public events, even though it should happen, and not just for the Bendigo Easter Festival.

Smoking is a killer, that’s the cold hard fact. You might cope without the cash you’ve wasted on cigarettes and you might go about your day not caring your habit annoys and offend others. But you won’t cope and you certainly won’t go about your day without a care once you’ve received the news you’re going to die because of your smoking. Or, worse still, a loved one is going to die because of their passive smoking of your cigarettes.

Barnard Mind Solutions is a vigorous campaigner against smoking and our Bendigo hypnosis for quitting smoking is a proven success. We applaud any stand against smoking, particularly in public places, and will do what we can to help Bendigo quit smoking.

If you’d like to find out how Barnard Mind Solution can help you or your loved ones kick the habit, please contact us today.