Quit smoking hypnosis reduces stress on Castlemaine prison workers

Castlemaine’s prison guards are in high-stress positions and often turn to smoking as a coping mechanism. With a blanket ban on smoking in prisons, many guards, officers and prison staff are struggling to kick the habit and make it stick. If you want to break the habit permanently, quit smoking hypnosis is designed to address your obsession with smoking, replacing it with healthy thoughts.

It’s not surprising that many prison guards turn to smoking to find an outlet or release from the high-pressure environment. The problem is that smoking can easily get a hold of your life – controlling your wants, needs, mood and lifestyle.

Don’t feel bad or hopeless if you’ve tried to quit smoking using gums, patches or other quick fixes. These methods rarely work, as they don’t address the smoking habit, but rather try to hide or mask the symptoms of smoking addiction.

Quit smoking hypnosis is a completely natural and safe process, where we simply find out what triggers the impulse to smoke, and what benefit your mind perceives. We can then break the relationship between smoking and reward and find a healthier alternative.

Barnard Mind Solution’s local hypnotherapist will visit your prison and deliver personal programs to help prison officers and other employees regain their health.

Find out how much you’ll save with quit smoking hypnosis

Apart from the health benefits, quit smoking hypnosis can save prisons thousands of dollars per year. When you think about how many guards smoke, and how often they take smoke breaks – not to mention the additional sick days smokers take compared with non-smokers – the costs of employing smokers can add up quickly.

Find out how much smoking could be costing your prison with our smoking costs calculator. The number might surprise you, but there’s no need to panic.

Luckily, Barnard Mind Solution’s unique quit smoking hypnosis program is designed to break through the smoke haze, permanently. But don’t take our word for it – see what people are saying about our hypnosis programs in the video below and contact us for more information.