Hypnotherapy can help athletes after retirement

TV program Insight last night highlighted the problems many elite athletes in all sports face when retiring and prompted us to again consider the benefits of hypnotherapy for retiring athletes. Before their retirement, top-tier athletes’ whole identity was as that of an elite sportsperson. Their sense of self was what was reflected back to them from people outside. So what others thought of them was who they perceived themselves to be. The host failed to dig beneath the surface when presented with a great opportunity to do so. Getting to the root cause of their problem. Why did they have such trouble deciding to retire when their bodies were wrecked and minds burnt out?

Because of fear of death.  That’s right. Death to their unconscious mind. Because they have such low self-worth they spend their entire lives seeking approval and competing to be the best. Wanting desperately to be liked accepted. To fill the gaping void inside themselves. Anything less means they slip from public awareness. If they are not in the public eye and being talked about paid attention to then their unconscious mind has no external reflection to validate who they are. Therefore they cease to exist, i.e. death in the mind.

Of course that is not the case for all elite athletes by any means. But too many. Grant Hackett is a classic extreme case. They have no idea what is happening or why and so seek to ease the pain and suffering often in unhealthy ways. Rather than being aware of what is happening in their minds and reprogramming it to build true self-worth. To know they are good enough just as they are. Barnard Mind Solution’s Bendigo-based hypnotherapy services can help athletes rediscover their self-worth and resurrect and revitalise their unconscious minds.