Bendigo weight loss hypnotism delivers long-term results

Make a permanent, positive change in your life with hypnotism for weight loss. Bendigo‘s Healthy Weight Week is a great reminder of the difference being healthy can have on your happiness and quality of life.

If you want to make a change, Barnard Mind Solution’s weight loss program delivers results. Unlike other weight loss methods, you won’t be made to feel like you’re denying yourself – hypnotism reprograms your thoughts and reactions, permanently changing your mindset towards food and eating.

Did you know that overeating is 90 per cent habit? This is why many weight loss gimmicks on the market don’t work – you wouldn’t take a pill to learn how to drive, so pills or powders won’t help you reprogram your mind to overcome your overeating habit.

Dealing with the heart of your relationship with food is vital. Once we know what triggers your eating response, we can change your mindset – removing the reaction to eat as a coping mechanism or reward.

Healthy Weight Week highlights the importance of weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle

Did you know heart disease is the number one cause of death in Australia and one Australian dies every 12 minutes from being overweight and Type 2 diabetes? These worrying statistics demonstrate the importance a healthy weight has on the quality of your lifestyle.

While dieting might result in short-term weight loss, many people regain the weight they lost – and sometimes even put on extra weight. This is because rather than addressing the cause of your problem, dieting merely treats the physical result.

Our hypnotism for weight loss program focuses on creating healthy and attainable long-term eating and exercise habits. You’ll experience changes in not just your body, but your mind and confidence too.

You’ll look and feel healthier with a happier outlook on life – and your new-found confidence can lead to success in other areas of your life, including at work and personal relationships.

With Healthy Weight Week running from February 13 to 19, now is the time to start your weight loss, Bendigo!

Take a look at the video below or contact us for more information.