Yearly Archive: 2015

Hypnotism for smoking in Bendigo delivers emotional benefits

Too many people focus on the negatives of quitting smoking – it’s a hard habit to break and it can feel like a lonely process if you try to go ‘cold turkey’ on your own. But at Barnard Mind Solution, we offer hypnotism for smoking in Bendigo that focuses on the many positive benefits of quitting.... Read more

Quit smoking, quit sugar, save money and enjoy life

Most people don’t know that every cigarette contains half a teaspoon of sugar. What’s the problem with sugar you ask? Isn’t it the chemicals in the smoke that are harmful? Most of us eat sugar on a daily basis, surely that’s the least of a smoker’s problems in comparison to the other toxins they inhale?... Read more

Bendigo hypnosis beats fear of flying

It’s that time of year when everyone starts to plan their next holiday. We’ve made it through the long, icy winter and want to escape the next one! But for some people, their fear of flying can be a debilitating setback, stopping them from enjoying their dream holiday. Overcome your fear of flying with Barnard Mind... Read more

Learn how to visualise your success with golf hypnotherapy

In the field of hypnotherapy, visualisation is something we rely on very closely to help our client’s learn to manage difficulties and overcome barriers that may be stopping them achieving their goals. You may also have heard of visualisation in other terms such as “mental imagery” and “visual mental rehearsal” (VMR). Visualisation is the process... Read more

Hypnosis to quit smoking in 90 minutes

Quitting smoking is an important decision. As a provider of hypnosis to quit smoking in Bendigo, I understand how difficult it can be to start – and more so to stay on the wagon. Hypnosis is a proven fast and effective way to quit smoking for good, regaining your health and happiness. The Barnard Mind... Read more

Golf hypnotherapy will help you play like Jason Day

In a recent show of psychological strength, Queensland pro golfer Jason Day took out the prestigious US PGA Championship for 2015, reigning supreme over world number one and favourite-to-win Jordan Spieth. As an American playing for an American crowd and, with the existing mental edge of being number one already, Jordan Spieth had the clear... Read more

Hypnotism for permanent weight-loss in Bendigo

Well it’s certainly been a cold winter with temperatures plummeting into the negatives, encouraging people to rug up, stay warm and, you guessed it – eat plenty of hearty and comforting winter foods. And winter’s not over yet, which is why it’s the perfect time to get that summer body in shape – as they... Read more

ABC News reports alarming effects of “quit-smoking drug” Champix

As a quit-smoking service provider in Bendigo, I can understand the turmoil and anxiety smokers feel when they quit smoking. It’s normal to feel anxious while experiencing cravings. I am an advocate for natural therapies such as hypnosis, which put you in control by harnessing the power of the mind in a positive way. What’s not... Read more

Golfers travel for hypnotherapy in Bendigo

As a qualified hypnotist, I provide golf hypnotherapy in Bendigo. I have athletes travel from further afield to take advantage of this mind treatment. The best Pro golfers practice controlling their mind and thoughts – picturing the flight of the ball, and the ball rolling into the hole over the green. Hypnotherapy puts this into... Read more

Bendigo clients benefit from hypnotism for phobias

My practice provides hypnotism for phobias in Bendigo, helping you overcome fears and live life to the fullest. We all want to enjoy life and live without fear, and more importantly regret, which is often a consequence of allowing fears to hold you back. Having worked with many people who have suffered phobias, I know... Read more