Quitting smoking: The cigarette secret you need to know


What’s the secret ingredient in cigarettes making it even harder to quit for good?

Quitting smoking? Did you know there’s half a teaspoon of sugar in every cigarette? You’re more addicted to the sugar than the nicotine in cigarettes!

The tobacco industry is the world’s second biggest consumer of sugar, coming in only behind the food industry. Many diabetics who smoke don’t know about this secret sugar intake. Medical World News reports that the presence of sugar in cigarettes is the main source of lung cancer, based on studies comparing lung cancer rates in environments where sugar was added to cigarettes and where it wasn’t. Researchers believe sugar makes cigarette smoke even more poisonous.

One of the fears people have when quitting smoking is putting on weight. Many people who quit report craving sugary foods, which comes as no surprise considering they have had a steady intake of sugar from cigarettes! You experience withdrawals from sugar as well as nicotine. Refined white sugar is the most addictive drug in the world and one of the hardest to quit!

Quitting smoking using hypnosis deletes cravings for nicotine and sugar from your life instantly! You now choose to replace toxic processed sugar with healthy, natural sugar such as found in bananas, strawberries and grapes. Barnard Mind Solution in Bendigo provides hypnosis for smokers to become happy, healthy non-smokers. The 4everquit hypnosis solution will work. It is the natural, immediate and permanent way to quit smoking, now handling situations in a better way, than through that old smoking habit, leaving it in the past where it belongs.

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